Curriculum Vitae – Dr. Annemie Narkus

License to practice
01.08.1988 License to practice medicine granted after studies in Düsseldorf and Göttingen
07.06.1994 Doctorate with Prof. Schultze-Werninghaus at Ruhr-University Bochum
Topic: Prevalence and clinical significance of storage mites as a cause of exogenous allergic asthma in an unselected patient population and in farmers in Northern Germany
10/1988 –12/1989 Fa. Byk Gulden Konstanz – Pharmaceutical representative
01/1990–09/1991 Allergopharma Reinbek – Physician in clinical research on allergies
10/1991-06/2001 GlaxoSmithKline – Physician in the area of medicine and research in various positions:
since 10/1991 Medical Advisor Respiratory
since 05/1994 Senior Medical Advisor – medical-scientific responsibility for all therapeutic agents for respiratory diseases
since 08/1995 Deputy department head of the entire medical affairs department
since 05/1996 Head of clinical research with responsibility for international and national clinical trials phases I-IV, as well as post-marketing surveillance studies in the indication areas: Respiratory, anti-infective, CNS, gastrointestinal, HIV, anesthesia, diabetes, cardiovascular and intensive medicine.
since 1997 Also head of biometrics and data management with total of approx.55 employees
since 10/1998 Therapeutic Area Director Respiratory/Antibiotics – Set-up of a new department with medical-strategic responsibility for the entire respiratory and antibiotic range with a sales volume of approx. 400 million as well as the corresponding pipeline products.
Also information officer.
since 05/1998 Also Deputy Director Research & Medicine for all indications.

Also head of several working groups in the context of the diagnostic and re-design phases of the restructuring and integration teams, as part of the Wellcome, Cascan and GlaxoSmithKline integration.

The best product launches:
Flutide® (inhaled corticosteroid) was the best launch in 1995 of all the drugs from all the pharmaceutical companies.

Viani®/Seretide® (combination product of inhaled corticosteroid and long-acting β2-agonist) – launch in April 1999 was the best launch in GlaxoWellcome’s history. Two years after launching the product, despite a very competitive field, aimed to achieve a sales volume in Germany alone of DM 200 million

from 7/2001- present Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at MC GmbH:

Collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline since 2001.

Medical Director/Vice-President Clinical Development & Regulatory Affairs for all allergy diagnostics and therapeutic agents at Allergopharma from 03/2003 – 12/2014 with the departments:
Clinical Development, Biometrics/Data Management, MedicalAffairs Department, Regulatory Affairs, Drug Safety, Project Management, Medical Quality Assurance.

Collaboration with various CROs and other companies specializing in allergies and respiratory diseases.